Taking Tables to New Heights

You are unique.


Why shouldn’t your workstation be?


We spend most of our working time at our desk, whether at home or at the office. More than just a piece of furniture, it’s our personal space where we make miracles happen. 


At BYD, our team is here to show you how our standing desks can make a difference – one that begins with you. 


We value your individuality and every detail that makes you one of a kind. 


Our intuitive standing desks can be personalised down to the smallest features from the smooth tabletops to the slick frames. Didn’t find the size you wanted? Don’t sweat it – we’re geared up to custom-make your very own beauty.


It doesn’t stop there. From kids, working adults, and boomers, to the size and depth of your wallets: the choice is yours.


As an ever-evolving, future-forward business, we’re also constantly on the hunt for contemporary components and accessories to add to our growing mix. 




Get started on your first masterpiece today. 

Our Drive

When you buy a BYD standing desk, you’re not getting just a cutting-edge customised table. 

You’re taking the first step towards a healthier and happier you – something that many of us tend to neglect when we start working.  

It’s not just how your new table molds seamlessly with everything you like, but how it encourages a healthy lifestyle as well. This holds true for both our affordable and premium solutions!

It fuels us knowing that our meticulously designed products can help to transform the way you work. BYD envisions the ultimate workspace where you get to explore features and functions designed just for you.